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K.A.S.H.S. Multiplier (Set of 2)


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In this unique and eye-opening Pep talk from the Multiplier series by Entrepreneur Coach, Motivation & Confidence Guru, author and a visionary, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair talks about how entrepreneurs get flowed down from the pure and peaceful mountains of Gangotri to the dirty waters of Ganga. Eventually, he also explains the K.A.S.H.S.-Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Habits and Strategies that are required by entrepreneurs to go rise back to Gangotri. However, this journey reveals the undiscovered dilemmas that an entrepreneur goes through, due to the conflicts of the “inside world”, between the4 personalities -Body, Mind, Intellect and Spirit, making it difficult to live their great and noble Purpose. He explains that these personalities have different wants, and in the quest to achieve their respective wants, these personalities are always conflicting and do not attain equanimity. Also the instability of the “outside world” that causes turbulences in business and the environment are explained here, in detail. The insightful solution to these clashes will help entrepreneurs become confident, calm and futuristic, and finally enable them to assert their company from Gangotri. Thus, this purpose can be fulfilled when you become a K.A.S.H.S. Multiplier by mastering the following aspects of K.A.S.H.S.: Knowledge 1. 4 Personalities 2. About Organization 2. V.U.C.A. 3. Future of Work 4. Time Chakravyuhs Attitude 1. Negative 2. Positive Skills 1. Meditation 2. Introspection 3. Affirmation Habits 1. Say Goodbye to Hard Work 2. Conquer Your Fears 3. Say Goodbye to Rugged Individualism 4. Always Be Grateful For Everything Strategies 1. Balance Leadership &Management 2. Break Your 20thCentury Paradigms 3. Conquer Time Chakravyuhs 4. Give up Your Office/Cabin 5. Conserve Energy To further multiply your K.A.S.H.S. and ensure your journey back to Gangotri, Mr. Nair has also provided three self-tested and highly effective tools: 1. The Self- Learning, Development & Confidence Multiplier 2. The 21 Day Habit & Confidence Multiplier 3. The Gratitude & Confidence Multiplier Charge up the Power and the Entrepreneurial Spirit in YOU… Be a K.A.S.H.S Multiplier..!!


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