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Professional Selling Skills (Set of 4) English


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It has been said that most people go to their grave using 5% of their inherent potential, Strength, Power, Courage, Determination, Dedication, Killer instinct.. 95% of the human talent ends with people when they die or go to their grave. Most salesmen die a natural death as they fail to explore their potential in sales due to lack of knowledge of their profession and their weak command over taking product to the customers. This is simply because of their poor command over selling skills. Sale is an art as well as science. Art is how you speak to your customers, your body language, your expressions, your powerful communication skills and science is the step-by-step implementation of strategic actions that get you to close to sell a product and finally the cheque. Santosh Nair, in this program talk about the six steps of sale that a professional financial adviser needs to follow to achieve the order. Most important, Santosh Nair talk about creating value in the lives of the customers through getting deep into knowing the customers, his dreams, his aspirations and helping him see the future, so that you get paid at the end of the sales call for powerfully helping the customers buy the product. Learn about the following important aspect of selling: – The Success pentagon-learn how to continuously upgrade to be sales professional. – Goal Setting- Learn to set goals and work as per your aspirations. – Sales Burger- Learn how to sell any product, packaging into a feature, advantage and benefit form. – SPANCO- Learn the six powerful steps of sales. – Telephone Appointments. – 5 Steps to effective Sales Presentation (A.I.C.D.A) – Handling customers attitude- Learn all about handling all kinds of customers objections and close every order – Smoking out the hidden objections – Evaluating personalities.


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