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Why Do Entrepreneurs Miss The Bus- (set of 3) Malayalam


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In today’s hi-tech, over-competitive and highly-ambitious world, an entrepreneur gets completely engrossed and engulfed in routine mundane activities. Sucked into the rut, an entrepreneur often loses sight of the ‘bus-of-success’ passing by him. Forget hopping on to the bus, he does not even notice its presence. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most of the entrepreneurs of today. Now what is this bus that entrepreneurs miss taking most of the time? It is the bus of opportunities, the bus of success, vision, clarity, focus, timing, hiring the right talent, timely decision making etc. It is logical to state that Concentration, Presence of mind and Timing are extremely important in every business. Many entrepreneurs forget the rights they are entitled to enjoy. The right to de-stress, the right to wealth, the right to ‘My Time’ and many other such rights. It is only the entrepreneur, who himself is responsible for losing all these rights. Why are we not enjoying our entrepreneurial rights? Why do we miss taking this bus? Why do we let go off some wonderful opportunities? What stops us from scaling our business to newer heights? What stops us from changing things for the better? Why is our business experiencing complacency? Micro-management – is the answer to all the above questions. The ‘I-should-know-everything’ attitude and the ‘I-need-to-be-in-control-of-all-that-is-happening’ belief. What kind of jobs should I as an entrepreneur do? What stage of the ‘Entrepreneurial Growth Cycle’ is my business in? And how should I take my business to the next level? The answers to these questions lie in this 4-hour power-packed DVD. India’s pre-eminent motivational speaker, newest author, Confidence Guru and Entrepreneurial Coach – Mr. Santosh Nair, emphasizes on how an entrepreneur’s ‘Non-Accountable to anyone’ right, actually leads him to miss several opportunities that come in his path to success. Through this DVD, Santosh Nair enlightens you: • On the kind of jobs entrepreneurs should be doing (vis-à-vis the jobs they are actually doing) • On the difference between ‘competence’ and ‘distinct forte’ • On the various stages of ‘Entrepreneur Growth Cycle’ • On what an entrepreneur should do to scale up his business His talk will lead you to ponder if you are the owner, manager or the leader of your own organization. His very own entrepreneurial experience will force you to think what you actually want to be. What has got you here, will not necessarily take you further. Once this ideology is imbibed, business transition and growth will cease to be a distant dream, and will soon become a pleasant reality.


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