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Leap For Success Part 1 (set of 2)


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LEAP FOR SUCCESS 1 Building An Unlimited Entrepreneurial Future LEAP – “A light, self propelled movement upwards or forwards” also defined as “A sudden and decisive increase”. In an ordinary world, bogged with day to day draining activities, are you willing to LEAP? This unique developmental program from SMM-Art focuses specifically on current and would be entrepreneurs. LEAP brings proven, practical insights & powerful Learning’s that you can immediately apply in your lives! WHAT’S INSIDE? LEAP comprises of 5 invigorating pep talk sessions with Santosh Nair that will help entrepreneurs break through their limiting paradigms and empower them with the insights and confidence needed to take their business progressively onto the path of success. The 1st session “Look” talks about Confidence being the foundation of all entrepreneurial activity, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs, strengthen their resolve, determination, and self belief. This compelling 4 hour talk by Santosh Nair throws light on: • The Commoditization Trap • D.Y.B.COM (Destroy your • Innovation is better than competition • The Concept of Experience creation • Become a whole entrepreneur • You have 2 businesses


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