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Service Multiplier (set of 2)


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In each of these roles we interact with people, as a Husband or as a Wife or as a Parent as an Entrepreneur. We interact with employees, team leaders. We play roles of all these people & whenever we playing these roles the people with which we are interacting when we are in that role are that are have an expected behavior from us. So if I am your boss you expect a certain type of behavior from me as your boss & then there is my normal behavior where you may expect me to teach you. And there is a behavior that I may not teach and so there is a miss match and this match of my behavior leads to inter-personal problems and disorientation. In a world that we live in today, is also a new world, it is a commoditized world, which is a world where there are a lot of people getting same kinds of products, selling same kinds of products at low prices, thousands of competitors and this puts us a price sameness surplus society trap. And in this ERA of Price Sameness Surplus Society Trap- Where everyone is selling the same product at lower prices and providing more services, customer expectations are going up. In yesteryears where there was need for only customer service, now it is moved to customer Satisfaction!!Delight!!! Loyalty!!! Customer Success!!! Today is a customer dominated industry and not a manufacturer or a production dominated industry. So now is the time of Customer Evolution! The movement of the commodity sector to the goods to service and then experience and the only good thing about creating experience and creating moments of truth at all touch points that are converting every moment of truth into a moment of magic. This philosophy of moment of truth being converted to moment of magic is only understood by a SERVICE MULTIPLIER. In this four hour DVD India’s Newest Author Preeminent Confidence and Motivational Guru and Entrepreneurial Coach Mr. Santosh Nair speaks about the essence of being a Service Multiplier and how to transform your organization into a pool of service multipliers. A Service Multiplier is a Non-Commoditized Person committed to the Cause of creating a Compelling & Unforgettable Branded Experience through Consistent Representation & Flawless Execution in every interaction thus making every Moment of Truth, a Moment of Magic. It has four levels of Service: 1. Bare minimum 2. Anticipated 3. Wishful 4. Out- of- the- World to be a service multiplier we need to follow a simple formula named “L.D.E.E2” and to understand the Formula there are 9 Mantras!! Once you have gone through the entire pool of service insights, you will be a position to forever operate in the EXPERIENCE Economy. Once you create your organization on these lines and follow all these mantras of service multiplication, you will be in a position to be a part of the service economy. You will have partnership with all the people around you. You will create a transformed cult of customers, where your customers come will come to you for your products and services and you do not have to go tothem, they will also come for the experience that you create in their life, this will become a Cult which is loyal to you, this Cult will Dedicatedly come to you, Devoted to you, Committed to you, which fights for you, a Cult which makes you the best in the industry!!! Above the industry!!! This is your upbeat salesman, the Promoter,etc. By doing all this you would be in a position to be above the industry, face situations better and join a pool of Service Multipliers!!!


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