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Retail Selling Skills (Set of 4) English


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In this power packed VCD, Santosh Nair, the guru of sales shares with you the ultimate strategies to make a powerful and an outstanding career in Retail sales / Counter sales / Showroom sales. • You will learn how you can became a professional in sales and why you must take up sales as a career. • Learn how to consistently upgrade yourself for better and higher performance so that you can achieve and exceed your sales targets on a consistent basis. • Learn why people fail to succeed even when they know what is to be done to succeed. • Also learn the secret beliefs, knowledge, attitudes, skills, habits and strategies, motivations that will continuously help you achieve you sales targets. • Learn the scientific steps of retail selling like opening, probing, supporting and closing. • Learn how to identify the customer’s psychology, his needs and his desires. • Learn what to say, when to say and how to say in different retail sales situations. Most importantly, learn how to handle customer attitudes and customer objections. • Learn how to negotiate and how to close sales immediately. • Learn how to excite the customer to buy and how to powerfully ensure he/she takes the decision to buy from you. HAPPY SELLING!!


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