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Opportunity Multiplier (set of 3) Malayalam


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In this life transforming DVD, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair, India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach, Motivational and Confidence Guru speaks about the power of confidence and why in this new, technologically driven world we need to conquer the special ability called confidence. According to Mr. Nair, Confidence is the single most important human ability, all other abilities require confidence as a foundation. He explains that confidence is an ability and not an attitude. He says that confidence is ageless, timeless and ceaseless, it is derived from inside and not externally borrowed. It should be built as the No. 1 ability, Confidence helps an entrepreneur to fight, be clear, happy, and grow stronger and better. If this be the fact of life, why are people still unable to conquer and keep their confidence high? In this enlightening DVD, Mr. Nair answers this by exploring the entire mind of an Entrepreneur. He goes on to explain the two deadly diseases of the mind which disallow an entrepreneur to take decisions and actions. These two diseases are called: 1. “100% Accuracy Syndrome” – (A Decision Making Disorder) ¾ÞX æºÏîáKæÄLá¢, 100% കൃത്യത ഉള്ളതÞയിരിക്കുo 2. “Chronic Tomorrow Syndrome” – (An Action Taking Disorder) ¾ÞX æºÏîáKæÄLá¢, ÈÞæ{ÎáÄW ¾ÞX æºÏîᢠBoth these diseases disallow an entrepreneur to grab millions of opportunities which come along their way every day like forming a strong team, starting new projects, exploring new markets, building a great brand, moving ahead of competition, etc. and in losing these opportunities they are not able to move to the next level. This entire DVD is dedicated to a new Mantra called the “smmart 75% Opportunity Mantra” that will enable entrepreneurs to overcome the 100% Accuracy Syndrome and the Chronic Tomorrow Syndrome. Within this Mantra, Mr. Nair explains the 8 attempts model which makes an entrepreneur to execute anything perfectly. Using real life examples, he beautifully explains where all of these 8 attempts are required and where all of them may not be required. Having gone through this full day interactive, motivational and inspirational session, you will have gained knowledge about “7 extraordinary Loots (Loot is a Hindi word for Robbing)”. These 7 Loots will empower you to rob the best out of life, rob success out of business opportunities, rob great achievements from the environment and confidently take on tough challenges in life like never before. So grab a copy of this power packed DVD and by going through the 2 mental diseases, the smmart 75% Opportunity Mantra and the 7 Loots, you will be enabled to multiply your opportunities and scale up greater heights in this dynamic and ever changing world of business. Happy Opportunity Multiplication…!!!


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