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Leading Business in Uncertain & Discontinuous Times-2 (New) (Set of 2) English/Hindi


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In today’s discontinuous and uncertain times it is getting increasingly difficult to sustain and survive both professionally and personally. In such difficult situation, where nothing is continuous & certain, to emerge as a Leader A.K.A a Numero Uno is a challenge that only a few people can attempt to accept. To add to this distress, we are facing the 4th Trigger Period wherein technological & scientific events in the country & the whole world have made people afraid & anxious of their future. In such times, in order to be the First, the Best & the Fastest we need certain mantras that can be followed and utilized. So, here’s presenting to you, the solution to all these concerns in the mold of Formulas, in this 3-hour power-packed DVD by India’s Newest author, preeminent Motivational & Confidence Guru, & Entrepreneur Coach; Mr. Santosh Nair. A quick run of these formulas are as follows: 1. Crush Competition 2. Understand “Why Do Entrepreneurs Miss The Bus” 3. Understand The Three Centers 4. Understand The Common Denominator Of Success 5. Declare That You Will Be A Global Entrepreneur 6. Use A Professional Course In this informative DVD we are also edified about the techniques to implement these formulas. A quick run through of these technique are: 1. Declare that you will be a paradigm shifter/pioneer 2. Move your professional objective to the highest value level 3. The 5 Steps of Customer Services 4. Move from Management to Leadership to Entrepreneurship to Ownership. Watch Mr. Santosh Nair in action, to get the answers to all the complex questions & learn some of the most insightful, relevant & readily applicable formulas to grow your business & live a fulfilling & successful entrepreneurial life.


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