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Numero Uno-Commandments & Formulas To Be Number 1 At All Times (Set of 2) Hindi/English


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In order to be a Numero Uno you got to be the:  The first  The best  The fastest When you are the first you have to constantly keep thinking how you will be the best. When you are the best you have to constantly keep thinking how will you be the fastest. And while you are the fastest you have to constantly keep thinking, how will you be the best in something new. If you can follow this phenomenon of thought process you will be number one in everything you do. And that you can be number one is a belief and as the quote goes.. “The belief that you have in the beginning of a journey defines the journey” – T. T. Rangarajan In this 3-hour power-packed DVD, India’s Newest Author, preeminent Confidence & Motivational Guru & Entrepreneur Coach; Mr. Santosh Nair talks about the various commandments and formulas that needs to be practiced in order to be number one, that is, Numero Uno. A run through of these commandments are as follows 1. Declare that you will be an entrepreneur 2. Declare that you will be a paradigm shifter/pioneer 3. Declare that you have to be an ignorant antagonist. 4. Understand the power of habits As it is aptly said that the difference between the number one and the number less is the difference of habits, this edifying DVD introduces us to some essential tools like ‘Power of 78%’ & ‘3 Doors Formula’ which help us in developing the much needed positive habits. Mr. Nair also educates us about the Importance of Purpose, Goals and Cause by asserting that “Your cause has to be bigger than you”. And the way to achieve this cause is to understand the ‘3 eye’ formula:  Eye of a Salesman  Eye of a businessman  Eye of a leader Ultimately, in order to be Numero Uno you have to work through the eyes of a leader and choose creativity over complaining as the Modus Operandi of life. At the end, Mr. Nair talks about the 6 kanoons or laws to be followed to be the Numero Uno. These laws are: 1. Always make your education bigger than your experience. 2. Always make your future bigger than your past. 3. Always make your contribution bigger than your reward. 4. Always make your gratitude bigger than your success. 5. Always make your confidence bigger than your comfort. 6. Always make your performance bigger than your applause In conclusion it can be asserted that having gone through this life transforming revelation by Mr. Nair; you will be a Numero Uno in all walks of life…today, tomorrow and always.


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