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Significance of Life Multiplication (Set of 2)


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Life Multiplication is “The lifetime ability to get more out of life with more and more ease with greater and greater amount of speed.” Success is something that should be with you for a lifetime and to achieve that success you need to be a Miracle Leader. Miracle Leaders evolve out of continuous challenges faced by them in life. In order to become a Miracle Leader you need to understand the life of a Miracle Leader and build certain characteristics and understand the lessons of Life Maximization. This program encircles eight characteristics that people must possess and build on in order to become Miracle Leaders – 1. Following 2. Compassion 3. Courage 4. Commitment 5. Trust 6. Integrity 7. Inspiration 8. Communication In this four hour power-packed program, Mr. Santosh Nair, India’s preeminent Confidence and Business Guru will enlighten you on how he became a Miracle Man and achieved success in life. Having gone through this enormous pool of insights you will be able to maximize life both personally and professionally. If followed religiously, these lessons of Life Maximization will help you become a Miracle leader and achieve all your dreams, vision, goals and targets all the time, every time..!


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