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Business Multiplier Reloaded-The Power of Right & Great Decisions (Set of 2)


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In this insightful DVD, Business Multiplier Reloaded, The Power of Right & Great Decisions, T.I.G.E.R Santosh Nair, India’s………….. Enlightens entrepreneurs about the Right way of making decisions. As entrepreneurs, we are expected to make big and small decisions every day, every hour, every minute, every second…!!! These decisions can vary from market expansion to human resource management to pricing a product, launching a new product or even going for a joint venture. In deciding upon which option to choose, have we ever noticed any pattern in our decision making, do we always keep making decisions in a jiffy or is it a well thought of plan, is our way of decision making same as the way great CEOs do, is our way of decision making correct, is there a well laid down process of decision making, and if there is such a process, do we know it and follow it??? After an intense study about Great entrepreneurs and great Companies like Samsung, Apple, G.E., Flipkart, Ford, Mahindra, Wipro and the likes along with a lot of books on decision making, T.I.G.E.R Santosh Nair identified that decision making is a skill that can be learnt and this skill is a science as well as an art. With a lot of examples that entrepreneurs can relate to their daily life and business, T.I.G.E.R Santosh Nair explains the scientific “Right & Great Decision Making Process”. “The Right & Great Decision Making Process” includes the following stages: Stage 1: ATTAIN THE NIRVANA/ GANGOTRI/ BLISS/ PEAK PERFORMANCE STATE Stage 2: STATE YOUR CLEAR INTENT Stage 3: IDENTIFY ALL FACTORS RELATED TO THE DECISION AND LIST DOWN ALL SOLUTION OPTIONS Stage 4: MANAGE EMOTIONS Stage 5: DEBATE, EVALUATE & DISCRIMINATE ALL THE IDENTIFIED FACTORS Stage 6: BLOW THE OPTIONS INTO THE FUTURE Stage 7: FINALIZE THE CHOICE & COMMIT TO IMPLEMENTATION T.I.G.E.R Santosh Nair explains each of the above stage in extreme detail and says that following the above 7 stages of decision making will enable entrepreneurs to consistently make right decisions, and consistently making these right decisions on a continuous basis will in turn enable them to make some Great, unconventional, counter-intuitive, extraordinary, out of the world decisions. And these unseen, unheard of Great decisions will bring about a 360 shift in their business, will catapult them to another orbit or level, separate them from competition in such a manner that they will become industry leaders and reach higher levels of winning. Therefore, to become such a Great Decision Maker, follow the above process and keep multiplying your success forever. Happy Decision Making…!!!


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