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Productivity Multiplier (set of 4)


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Productivity Multiplier Remain productive and successful under the most frustrating and challenging conditions Human beings have an abundance of both, good and bad habits, most of which we are born with. We also have relationships, which may bring out strong emotions like – frustration, anger and jealousy, giving rise to unwanted conflicts, problems and inconsistencies in our life. These `Activating Events`, which periodically occur without warning, make us non-productive and hinder us from achieving our “Lakshya” (goals). Can we change, develop and enhance them? ….. The answer is Yes! Productivity Multiplier is an insightful and interactive program, which will enable and ensure one remains productive, confident and happy even in the most frustrating and challenging conditions and will teach one to identify and eventually optimally use these tools productively, through the most advanced techniques of ABCDE and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. This enables one to substitute every negative emotion and belief with a positive one.


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