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Excellence (Set of 2)


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Excellence (Keep doing something new, different & better & you won’t have to worry about competition- Santosh Nair) “The Power to do something new, different & better….every time…..all the time” Excellence…..every human being, every company wants it. But does every human being or every company have it…..the answer is No……why? In this 2 hour power packed program, one of the India’s finest, Sales, motivational & confidence Guru & Entrepreneurial Coach Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens the viewers on the 3 pillars of excellence-  Passion  Credibility/ Referability  Focus o He goes on to tell you that if “Excellence” is to be achieved in all facets of life one must understand “The Common Denominator of Success”…..and having understood the above….people need to develop & practice “Habits” • The Habit of winning in uncertain times (Jeeto har haal- har kaal mein) • The Habit of being other centered • The Habit of falling in love with Losses • The Habit of disregarding difficulties & starting afresh • The Habit of focusing on today • The Habit of not complaining about anything in life Finally Mr. Nair rocks the show by sharing the 4 reasons as to Why all Entrepreneurs who could have made it big & build great companies failed to do so .Having gone through this immense pool of insights, you will be ina position to achieve “Excellence” in all fields of life for a lifetime.


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