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Future Multiplier (set of 4) Malayalam


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Future Multiplier Addressing a large number of entrepreneurs, India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach Motivational & Confidence Guru, author and a visionary, Mr. Santosh Nairspoke about a very important subject, Future Multiplier. Many people set goals and still are not in a position to achieve them. This DVD explains the reality of why the goals are not achieved. Mr. Nair narrates the importance of being a Future Multiplier from the viewpoint of a farmer, as to how the life-cycle of a farmer operates. He took the participants through the 7 stages of the life of a farmer and provoked each and every participant to look at their lives as a farm and become a Future Farmer. And when, Future –Farming is practicedfor years, one becomes a Future Multiplier. In this insightful DVD, Mr. Nair says that Future Multiplication is a subject that is predominantly the on the following 5 philosophies: 1. Look at your future as a farmer 2. You are the Guru, You are the Shishya 3. Future Farming is the University of Life 4. Future Farming Community 5. When you take care of your future, you take care of your past and therefore, automatically your present In order to build a great farm i.e. a great future, Mr. Nair spoke about 4 different types of goals: Short-term goals, Medium-term goals, Long-term goals and Life-time goals. To achieve these goals, he explained the 12 seeds that need to be sown, grown, cultivated and harvested in the farm of your life: 1. Immediate Goals/ Tatkal Goals 2. Restoration Goals/ Durusti Goals 3. Renovation Goals/ Kabiliyat Goals 4. Benchmark Goals/ SpardaatmakFaayda Goals 5. Distinct Forte Goals/ Khasiyat/ Khaas Banana Goals 6. Word-Of-Mouth Goals/ KharaSona Goals 7. Looking Good- Inside & Outside Goals/ Sundarta Goals 8. No. 1 Team Goals/ Chak De Team Goals 9. Love Youself Goals/ Majja Nu Life Goals 10. The ‘Big Heart’ Goals/ BadaDilWala Goals 11. Self- Maximization/ KisHaddTakJaSakte Ho Goals 12. Leaving A Legacy Goals/ AvtaarGolas He ends by also explaining why money can never be goal. To enjoy being a Future Farmer and multiply our future, is what we all were born to do… To live 50 lives in one life!!


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