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Confidence Multiplier (set of 2) Malayalam


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All entrepreneurs are now going through VUCA Times [Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity] which will keep on increasing in the next 5 years because we are in the last stage of a trigger period. A trigger period, as India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach, Motivational & Confidence Guru, Author & a Visionary- T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair explains, is a period where the way in which you work, trade and communicate has completely changed. T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair explains that this period, the 4th trigger period is driven by technology which is causing a lot of scientific, economic, political, social and cultural changes and in this changing world, our lives are disturbed and destructed on a continuous basis. Each of these disturbances and all this upheavals lead to two very important things: 1. Incredible opportunity and 2. Incredible crisis of personal confidence Therefore to grab the incredible opportunities and not have the crisis of losing confidence, we need to have confidence – the only ability required in this new world. Very beautifully, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair explains that “Confidence is an eternal lifetime ability to remain composed, alert, and directed in all our thoughts, words and deeds when faced with the fears and insecurities that surrounds us” So the new ability confidence is required for the new age entrepreneurs. In this wonderful DVD, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair takes all the participants through the 5 stages to acquire confidence. STAGE 1: Be sure of what you want & be focused, disciplined STAGE 2: Say good bye to the accustomed/known STAGE 3: Transforming ability STAGE 4: Easing barriers STAGE 5: Regularizing/standardizing the new This DVD also highlights the 5 thoughts of confident people, which are: THOUGHT 1: I will rise above “Coincidences/Past” THOUGHT 2: I will rise above tragedy, surrounding conditions, situations THOUGHT 3: They have a “Vision” of tomorrow THOUGHT 4: They become “Self-Change Agents” THOUGHT 5: Gaining triumph on change (waiting for the next) If you as an entrepreneur can develop, understand and build these 5 stages in your life; and imbibe the 5 thoughts of a confident person, you will surely achieve and exceed your goals, and go ahead in life by building a world corporation of a great repute. Citing examples of great Indian entrepreneurs from Kerala and from all over the world about the way in which they have lived a confident life, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair takes you through this wonderful journey of confidence multiplication, a unique ability required for a unique century called the 21st century, a century where the only defining competence that is required is confidence and multiplication of that is personal responsibility of every entrepreneur. Those entrepreneurs, who have the ability to, first and foremost manufacture confidence on their own and multiply it, will be in a position to learn anything, adjust to anything and accomplish anything in life.


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