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Power Of Purpose II (Set of 2)


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Success…..everyone wants it……but does everyone get it……..NO……..Why? Should Success be a permanent affair or should it be temporary. In the wonderful 3 hour power packed show Mr. Santosh Nair, one of the world’s renowned and forward thinking sales, motivated & confidence Guru & Entrepreneurial Coach unlocks the Common Denominator of success practiced by the most successful people in this world. He goes on to highlight.  The difference between temporary achievers & Permanent achievers  He shows the 4 things Permanent achievers do  He shares with you the importance & the Power of Intent  He shares with you the 3 reasons Why Entrepreneurs miss the opportunity to build great corporations & remain small & insignificant  Finally he shares with you “The Power of Purpose” and enlightens you, that your cause, your purpose in life should always be bigger than you. If you follow all the habits & formula’s mentioned in this CD……your visit on this planet will be worthwhile & you will live……Love……Learn…..& Leave a legacy. He concludes that if the above is not the game, you want to play in life…….you can die anytime… won’t make a differe¬nce to this world.


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