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Responsibility Multiplier (Set of 2)


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Nations, Institutions, Organizations, Communities, teams, individuals who have understood the above have progressed for decades and generations. Others have stood as paralyzed spectators. WHY? Because paralyzed spectators were ‘Responsibility Evaders’ and those who progressed by welcoming opportunities, were “Responsibility Multipliers.” Responsibility Evasion is a committed way of life. It is a neurosis; a psychosis; a state of drunken bliss that becomes your second nature, your habit, so deeply ingrained into your philosophies that the fact that you’re evading does not even occur; ultimately blocking the progress of self, others, organization, society, community and the entire nation. In this 4-hour power-packed DVD, India’s preeminent Motivational Speaker, Confidence Guru and Entrepreneurial Coach – Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens his audience on the mental make-up and the personality of a Responsibility Evader; how or when was this mental make-up formed and the ways and means to break it permanently. Starting with the 11 Characteristics of a Responsibility Evader; the CD tours around the definition of a ‘Responsibility Multiplier’ – a definition which if understood well and imbibed sincerely, can be the single most transformational factor in your success. “Responsibility Multipliers are those who are unafraid of taking on challenges in their personal and professional life, ready to accept the consequences produced by that challenge – positive or negative – use these consequences to understand the pattern and go to the next level of life and while doing so create an opening through an otherwise impenetrable barrier or obstacle to transform the world into a better place than what it already was.” Having understood the definition, the only way to move from being a ‘Responsibility Evader’ to becoming a ‘Responsibility Multiplier is by applying a set of well defined, structured and universally applicable Formulas. A quick run of these are as follows – 1. Demand Excellence 2. Disregard Difficulties 3. Be a Contrarian 4. Always Remaining W.I.P. 5. First Commit, Then Think 6. Fall in love with “FAILURE.” The CD ends with the ‘5 Foundational Stones of Responsibility Multiplication’ – the application and implementation of which will transform India as a nation into a ‘Responsibility Multiplier.’ Having gone through this hard-hitting revelation of life, the journey of an individual from an evader of responsibility to a Responsibility Multiplier will commence with a mere flip of a finger.


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