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How To Grow With Time (Set of 2)


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Addressing 5000 top notch entrepreneurs and skilled professionals, this 4 hour CD is a pool of thoughts on how to experience never-ending growth and progress throughout life, shared by the most renowned Inspirational speaker of the country, Mr. Santosh Nair. He starts by explaining the four types of people that exist in a business environment – • Momentum Makers • Momentum Takers • Momentum Fakers • Momentum Breakers People falling in the last two categories can never be associated with the term growth or progress as they are not futuristic people and growth only comes to people who think about the future; who know the art of moving ahead and forming benchmarks. This CD tours around the three forms of Paradigm People – Pioneers, Shifters and Settlers and enlightens the viewers on where they should be in order to break all their paradigms and explore their growth nerve to the fullest. As is the tendency of an entrepreneur to execute all activities in an organization, this CD teaches the art of working only in the space of an entrepreneur by drawing a clear distinction between the role of an `Entrepreneur, Leader and Manager.’ It circles around the three ways of doing business – Eye of a Salesman, Eye of a Businessman, Eye of a Leader and the best way to capitalize the market opportunity. The CD ends with a universal take away on how we can shield ourselves from the dynamics of today’s technological world and keep growing to newer heights.


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