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Winning In Uncertain Times-II (Set of 1) English


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Winning in Uncertain Times-II An uncertain time is a period of personal & professional turmoil, a time of Confusion, Anxiety, Guilt, Anger, Hostility, Depression, Pain & Stress. At such times we are confused about what will happen to my job, future, designation, position, investments, savings, income, relationships, identity, profits, staff, customer, market, shares, existence, belief, thoughts, knowledge, marriage, products, commission, company, name, reputation, existence, standing and MY LIFE???? In this 1 and half hour fiery talk Santosh Nair – India’s Preeminent Motivational and Confidence Guru & Entrepreneur Coach highlights on the 2 crucial formulas to grow and overcome uncertain times: 1. Crush Your Competitor: By knowing first you “Who is your competitor”. In the CD, Santosh Nair enlightens us on the 10 Intangible Competitors that cannot be seen but are the main reasons that stop us from growing. 2. Understanding why do Entrepreneurs Miss the Bus: Thousands of business ventures are launched every year. Most of them start with a lot of enthusiasm and speed. But, after a period of time, the organization stops growing and the Entrepreneurs are stuck at a level and cannot decide “how to move forward”. The business ventures that survive are not in a position to make spectacular growth and achieve stardom. This CD takes you through the definition and characteristics of a leader; differentiating between Individual v/s Enterprise, Entrepreneurship v/s Scaling up and the momentum from being a Manager to becoming a Leader to an Entrepreneur. The importance of a vision and the role of the Core Purpose, Core Values, Big Hairy Audacious Goal and Vivid description in the growing of a business. This power packed CD will help you understand the mistakes you have been making, so far, which has prevented the streamlining and effective management of your organization; it highlights on the visionary organizational structure i.e The 5 levels of Leader Business Design. So, now is a chance for correcting and scaling new horizons, by watching Mr. Santosh Nair in action.


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