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Organizational Health Multiplier (Set of 1) English


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Organizations are just like human beings. And just like any human an organization may suffer from a number of ailments. It therefore becomes essential for an organization to keep testing its health at regular intervals and thereby keep multiplying it. In this 2 hour power-packed program, India’s best known Motivational, Confidence and Entrepreneurial Guru, Mr. Santosh Nair takes you through the 10 Entrepreneurial Rights – to gain which an individual becomes an entrepreneur and then the reasons why an entrepreneur misses the bus to build a world class organization. The only way to regain the lost rights and get back into the bus is by regaining the health of the organization. This CD tours around the biggest epidemic prevailing in the current world – The Price, Surplus Society, Commoditization Trap which is governed by a large number of people operating in the same market, producing the same goods/services, hit by the price war to either make more and more and sell it cheaper and cheaper or die. And in a highly technologically dominated world as today, the only solution to breakthrough this trap is the Organizational Health Multiplication. Organizational Health Multiplication is a special ability mastered by great organizations to sustain excellent performances overtime by aligning, executing and renewing itself continuously in a manner that it enjoys competitive advantage for a lifetime. Based on this thought process, this CD tours around the ‘9 Fundamentals/Essentials of Organizational Wealth.’ A quick run of these 9 Fundamentals are – 1. Direction 2. Leadership 3. Culture 4. Accountability 5. Co- ordination 6. Capability 7. Motivation 8. External orientation 9. Innovation Innovation is the key to success in this commoditized world and the only route to innovation is by continuously destroying your current business. Thus from the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O), you have to become the Chief Destruction Officer (C.D.O) and therefore the Chief Health Office (C.H.O) to maximize the health of your organization every day, every hour, every minute and every moment of your life.


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