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Opportunity Multiplier (set of 2)


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This world is full of opportunities around you. These opportunities may be that of Making Money, Building a great career, Fostering personal capabilities, buying a bigger house, Traveling the whole world and many more that come along. The people who actually make it big are quick to grab these opportunities while others continue to wonder how they did it and we didn’t, even though many-a-times we may be blessed with more conducive situations and circumstances to make it happen. In this 4-hour Life Transforming revelation, India’s most renowned Confidence and Motivational Guru and Entrepreneurial Coach, Mr. Santosh Nair enlighten the audience on the “Decision Making & Action Taking Paranoia” which consciously, actively, powerfully disallows you from moving forward and grabbing the opportunity of multiplying your business, health, relationships, capabilities, success, future, confidence and life as a whole. This paranoia is caused by two disastrous diseases – 1. “100% Accuracy Syndrome” which is a Decision Making Disorder (Jo Bhi Karunga, Perfect Karunga) 2. “Chronic Tomorrow Syndrome” which is an Action Taking Disorder (Kal Se Shuru Karte Hai…) This CD unveils the only antidote/solution to this disease – “The smmart 75% Opportunity Mantra” that will permanently eliminate this “Decision Making Paranoia” and cure the “100% Accuracy Syndrome” and the “Chronic Tomorrow Syndrome allowing you to grab all opportunities and make the best out of them. Having gone through this power-packed thought-provoking narration, you will gain triumph over taking quick decisions and instant actions in all stratas of life and will be in a position to multiply all opportunities that come your way to a level of surprising infinity.


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